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MS3Pro Plug and Play Accessories

With the MSPNP-Pro EMS, we’ve simply taken all of the wiring homework and labor out of the project for you, and given you a solid base map to tune from to make your installation and tuning process go incredibly smoothly whether you’re a super technical computer-geek, or maybe not as interested in all the technical side of things and just ready to get tuning. These accessories make installation a snap!

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  • Rear Wheel Speed Datalogging Traction Control Package

    From: $0.00

    The hall effect sensor and lightweight billet steel collar are TRACK PROVEN, and can provide high resolution driveshaft speed data to MS3Pro EVO, ULTIMATE or direct plug & play.The collar is available with ID for all standard pinion yokes by ne...

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  • MS3Pro ULTIMATE Center Harness


    MS3Pro ULTIMATE adds nearly 50% more I/O with the addition of a third AMPSEAL 23-pin, 8' flying lead.  Harness arrives with color-coded, printed wires per the pinout below (black center connector)***Center Harness ONLY in this listing

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  • MS3Pro CAN Interface Module for RacePak


    The RacePak-CAN Interface Module seamlessly connects your IQ3 Display or Logger Dash to your MS3-Pro or MSPNP2 Engine Management System for CAN communication.The RacePak dash can read up to 20 data channels from the MS3-Pro.

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  • Race Technology Dash2Pro Vehicle Display System with CAN Receive Option

    From: $1,200.00

    The DASH2 PRO - Powerful and ultra configurable display with powerful processing. Specify a complete system in one compact component with optional onboard GPS data logging and control outputs.What does the DASH2 PRO do?The DASH2 PRO is a vehicle d...

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  • RacePak IQ3s Street Dash

    From: $995.00

    The RacePak IQ3s Display Dash can be utilized with MS3-Pro, all MSPNP Gen 2 and MSPNP Pro model, MS3, MS2 and MicroSquirt to provide a compact, fully programmable LCD digital dash for use in a variety of motorsports.  Optional CAN Interface mating conne...

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  • RacePak IQ3 Logger Dash

    From: $1,599.00

    The RacePak IQ3 Logger Dash can be utilized with MS3-Pro, all MSPNP Gen 2 or MSPNP Pro versions, MS3, MS2 and MicroSquirt providing a compact, fully programmable LCD digital dash for use in a variety of motorsports.  Requires MegaSquirt CAN Interface M...

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  • USB to Serial Adapter – Works with TunerStudio!


    This USB to Serial Adapter has been tested and works properly with all versions of TunerStudio.  We highly recommend this adapter is used if your tuning PC/laptop doesn't have a DB9 Serial connector.  Or you can use another adapter with a genuine FTDI c...

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  • EBC Electronic Boost Control Solenoid Kit


    This electronic boost control solenoid can be used with the MS3-Pro/MSPNP2 or with other electronic boost controllers to control boost by adjusting the pressure to a turbo wastegate. The MS3-Pro, MS3-Pro Plug and Play, & MSPNP2can drive this directl...

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  • 6 Circuit Switch Panel


    Six circuit race car switch panel with heavy duty switchgear. This includes one momentary switch for your starter, and five lighted on-off switches. The on-off switches have resettable circuit breakers instead of fuses, so if you need to get your race veh...

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  • 4-way Modular Fuse Block


    Delphi (Packard) 4 position modular fuse block. Exactly the same thing that OEMs have been using in their wiring harnesses for decades. We've included 10 crimp on terminals, and left them on a bus bar which you can cut as needed to put several fuses on a ...

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