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Ignition Coils without Ignitors

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  • IGN-1 Inductive Coil


    Here's a hot coil at a reasonable price.  The IGN-1 shares the same internal core as an IGN-1A, but without the built-in ignitor. This can be used for distributors or coil per plug. Use with the QuadSpark ignition module or other external ignition module...

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  • IGN-1CD Capacitive Discharge Coil


    Here's a race coil designed for CDI applications that's small and inexpensive enough to use one per cylinder, if you're so inclined. The IGN-1CD is vibration resistant and can be mounted at any angle.  Also works with MSD, Mallory Hyfire, and other capa...

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  • IGN-4 Four-Tower Coil Pack


    The IGN-4 four tower ignition coil is an affordable option for a hot distributor-less ignition! Similar to our IGN-1A coil, but this unit  has four outputs that fire in wasted spark and does not have a built in ignitor. If used with our QuadSpark ignitio...

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  • IGN-6 Six-Tower Coil Pack


    The IGN-6 'wasted spark' style coil pack at a glance could be mistaken for a stock Chrysler ignition coil, perhaps off of a Dodge Intrepid, but it's not. Though it appears to be molded from the same tooling used to make stock replacement coils for some Mo...

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  • QuadSpark Four Channel Ignition Module


    Perfect for running our IGN-1, IGN-1FD, IGN-4, or IGN-6 coils. Or use them with OEM distributor-less ignitions that don't have the ignition module built into the coil, such as the coils found on many Ford, BMW, or Chrysler coil on plug or wasted spark app...

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