MS3Pro (including ULTIMATE & EVO versions)

Please read all included “READ ME” files before installing any firmware version release.

Latest MS3Pro Firmware [ZIP]

Archived Releases:

MS3Pro Plug and Play (Formerly MSPNP-Pro)

Please see
for all of MS3Pro Plug and Play firmware.

MSPNP2 (Formerly MSPNP-Gen2)

Please see
for all of MSPNP2 firmware.

Windows XP, Vista, Windows7, Windows 8

Download TunerStudio & MegaLog Viewer from trusted partner, EFI Analytics

Mac OSX 10.5+



TunerStudio Registration

MS3Pro and MS3Pro Plug and Play include registered versions of TunerStudio. Enter your serial number here to generate your registration code and register your copy!