MS3Pro (including ULTIMATE & EVO versions)

Please read all includes “READ ME” files before installing any firmware version release.

Latest Release:

Archived Releases:

MS3Pro Plug and Play (Formerly MSPNP-Pro)

Please see
for all of MS3Pro Plug and Play firmware.

MSPNP2 (Formerly MSPNP-Gen2)

Please see
for all of MSPNP2 firmware.

Windows XP, Vista, Windows7, Windows 8

Download TunerStudio & MegaLog Viewer from trusted partner, EFI Analytics

Mac OSX 10.5+



TunerStudio Registration

MS3Pro and MS3Pro Plug and Play includes registered versions of TunerStudio. You can enter your serial number here to generate your registration code to register your copy! Go here
to register.