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MAP/MAF Sensor Connectors

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  • 3 Position GM Type MAF / LS1 Hall Effect Sensor Pigtail


    This 3 position pigtail fits certain 3 wire GM MAF sensors, as well as LS1 camshaft position sensors and crankshaft position sensors. Replaces GM part number 12085495

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  • Pigtail Connector for IGN-1A and GM MAF Sensors

    5 out of 5

    4' Flying lead pigtail for IGN-1A  coils.  The extra length makes these easy to bundle up into a single ignition control harness without needing splices near the coil. Power and primary ground wires are 18 gauge to better handle these coils' power req...

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  • 5 Wire Pigtail for GM MAF Sensors


    This 5 wire pigtail connector fits 5 wire type GM MAF sensors from 1985 to 1989, as well as IGN1A coils and some GM DIS modules. Replaces GM part number 12085497.   Note that we only have a few of these left in stock, when they are gone we w...

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  • 4 Wire Pigtail for Ford MAF/MAP/Coils


    4 wire pigtail connector that fits a variety of Ford applications. This connector has been used on Ford 4 wire MAF sensors, certain MAP sensors, and many 6 cylinder distributorless ignition coils including EDIS applications.

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