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MS3Pro Plug and Play Drop-on Engine Harnesses

EPA, CARB, Race Use Only Disclaimer

Available in 24x and 58x versions, The MS3Pro Plug and Play Drop On Harnesses are professionally engineered and easy to install. Fire up your engine on day one! All wiring is composed of TechFlex woven, self-extinguishing wrapped hi-temp TXL & GXL automotive grade wire with OEM Delphi & TE connectors. Reach the battery under the hood or in the trunk with 4 gauge power & 10 gauge ground wires. All relays and fusing live in a single, waterproof fusebox and the fuel pump wiring / relay / fusing is big enough for pumps that can handle 1000whp or more right out of the box (10ga wire, 30amp circuit). Additionally, all of the available I/O of the MS3Pro are brought out in the harness to make expansion as easy as possible regardless of the featureset you’re planning to use, allowing for killer features like traction control, bump box, table switching, flex fuel, and more. This harness was designed with room to grow! And did we mention it’s show-quality-drop-dead-gorgeous?

This harness also is designed for optional automatic transmission control using our AMP EFI transmission controller (sold separately). Literally just plug in our transmission controller using the proper sub-harness (for 4L60E or 4L80E) and you’re ready to control your trans!

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