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Ignition Coils with Internal Ignitors

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  • IGN-1A Race Coil

    From: $71.00

    The IGN-1A Race Coil is a smart coil designed to provide 103 mJ per spark, with a longer spark duration (2.9 ms), exactly what is necessary for high rpm, high compression, forced induction and/or nitrous engines! Each IGN-1A Race Coil features a buil...

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  • IGN-1A Smart Race Coil, Case of 24


    This part number is for a case quantity of 24 of the IGN-1A smart race coil.  You get the exact same IGN1-A coil, but at a discount for buying IGN1A bulk quantities.  We want to be your Warehouse Club for ignition coils!  This listing is for 24 coils. ...

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  • Pigtail Connector for IGN-1A and GM MAF Sensors

    5 out of 5

    4' Flying lead pigtail for IGN-1A  coils.  The extra length makes these easy to bundle up into a single ignition control harness without needing splices near the coil. Power and primary ground wires are 18 gauge to better handle these coils' power req...

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