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TPS Connectors

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  • TPS Pigtail (GM inline style)


    Three pin, GM WeatherPack style, inline throttle position sensor. Fits the TPS on many GM TPI installations, Holley Stealth Ram and Pro-Jection, and Rochester feedback carburetors. Note the keying, shown in the product gallery zoom.

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  • TPS Connector (GM 3 Pin Style)


    TPS-3 Connector (Uncrimped) GM Style 3-pin TPS Connector complete with: the 3-pin connector three pins plus an extra fourth pin (just in case)

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  • TPS Pigtail (GM 3 Pin Style)


    GM Style 3-pin TPS Pigtail used in many GM applications, as well as others.... 6" Pigtail, pre-crimped, ready for your harness.

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