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Data Logging Systems

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Stand alone data logging systems

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  • RacePak Universal CAN Interface Module

    From: $449.00

    The Universal CAN Interface Module for Racepak streams CAN-based data from your MS3Pro systems to any Racepak dash display for real time data viewing. The RacePak dash can read up to 20 data channels from the MS3Pro. Just plug it into the back of the ...

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  • Race Technology Dash2Pro Vehicle Display System with CAN Receive Option

    From: $1,200.00

    The DASH2 PRO - Powerful and ultra configurable display with powerful processing. Specify a complete system in one compact component with optional onboard GPS data logging and control outputs. What does the DASH2 PRO do? The DASH2 PRO is a vehicle d...

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  • RacePak IQ3s Street Dash

    From: $1,060.00

    The RacePak IQ3s Display Dash can be utilized with MS3-Pro, all MSPNP Gen 2 and MSPNP Pro model, MS3, MS2 and MicroSquirt to provide a compact, fully programmable LCD digital dash for use in a variety of motorsports.  Optional CAN Interface mating conne...

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  • Innovate Motorsports DL32 Datalogger and Sensor Controller – 378


    DL32 Datalogger and Sensor Controller The DL-32 is a complete vehicle-mounted data-logging system for advanced engine tuning. The system is anchored by Innovate's award-winning digital wideband air/fuel ratio technology, but also includes flexible sens...

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  • Innovate TC-4 4 Channel Thermocouple Interface – 3784


    The Innovate TC-4 is a 4 channel thermocouple interface. It's perfect for determining your fuel distribution where running a collection of wideband sensors could be prohibitively expensive. Works with type K thermocouples, sold separately. You can log the...

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  • Innovate PL-1 Pocket Logger – 3875


    The PL-1 is the latest in Innovate Motorsports’ line-up of products to allow for easy data logging of your MTS (Modular Tuning System) compatible product. Whether you have an LC-1 & SSI-4, MTX gauges, or any other combination of Innovate Motorsports...

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