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Universal Fuel Pumps

We stock a variety of fuel pumps to meet different needs and budgets, all of them quality American made units. Walbro supplies many OEM fuel pumps, and we carry their GSL392 high flow pump, rated at 255 liters per hour in free flow (we also have model specific Walbros – click here if you’re looking for them). They’re ideal for budget buildups. For those who need more fuel flow, we also carry pumps by Aeromotive.

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  • Aeromotive 11104 Eliminator Fuel Pump


    This one looks a lot like an A1000 and is about the same size, but it pushes a bit more fuel. Here's Aeromotive's description of it: This continuous duty “street warrior” supports big horsepower and maintains the drivability necessary for a true hi...

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  • Aeromotive 11101 A1000 Fuel Pump


    If you're looking for a high volume fuel pump that won't break the bank, the Aeromotive A1000 needs no introduction. But we will give you the full details as well, since you might want to know the complete specs. Here they are, straight from Aeromotive. ...

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  • Aeromotive 11106 700HP fuel pump


    Compact, quiet and durable, these billet in-line pumps are ideal for low to medium HP applications; Perfect for street rods and muscle cars, fuel injected or carbureted. Fuel Injected Engines: up to 700 HP – naturally aspirated up to 500 HP – for...

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  • Aeromotive 11102 Pro Series Fuel Pump


    The Aeromotive 11102 -- Designed and engineered for high-horsepower racing engines, this beautiful pump features Aeromotive's innovative “dual chamber” pump design. Fuel Injected Engines: up to 2200 HP – naturally aspirated up to 1700 HP – fo...

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  • Walbro Fuel Pump Connector 94-615


    If you're not using the standard installation kit on our in-tank Walbros, this connector provides a safe and reliable connection. Fits GSS342 and F20000141 pumps.  

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  • 4-way Modular Fuse Block


    Delphi (Packard) 4 position modular fuse block. Exactly the same thing that OEMs have been using in their wiring harnesses for decades. We've included 10 crimp on terminals, and left them on a bus bar which you can cut as needed to put several fuses on a ...

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