Street Outlaws Tina Pierce completed her new MS3Pro EVO twin turbo big block Chevy build for the Colorado just in time for Rocky Mountain Race Week 2018!  With little testing they hit the road for 5 grueling days of drag racing + a 1000 mile trek.  Tina’s NEW Twin Turbo Setup sports Nelson mirror image turbos in the bed and a dual-fuel, 16 injector array for two trims: nice and NASTY!  In the end, it was consistency in turning in low 8 second slips that gave her the quickest and fastest average for the week and the big money!

David and Tina did have a little luck on their side as one of their strongest competitors out-performed them in the area of ‘gremlins.’  All in all, a very strong performance from team Pierce and successful proof of concept that the new setup is a winning combination!