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MaxSpark PNP Ignition Kit for GM LS Engines
MaxSpark PNP Ignition Kit for GM LS Engines
MaxSpark PNP Ignition Kit for GM LS Engines
MaxSpark PNP Ignition Kit for GM LS Engines
MaxSpark PNP Ignition Kit for GM LS Engines
MaxSpark PNP Ignition Kit for GM LS Engines
LS MaxSpark Wiring Harness Kit
MaxSpark PNP Ignition Kit for GM LS Engines
MaxSpark PNP Ignition Kit for GM LS Engines
MaxSpark PNP Ignition Kit for GM LS Engines

MaxSpark PNP Ignition Kit for GM LS Engines



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AMPEFI put together the best and most powerful ignition upgrade kit available for your GM LS engine, and it’s a complete drop-on affair.  MaxSpark PNP is next level with more spark energy than the stock LS ignition coils by a longshot.  If you want more power, cleaner idle and cruise that just ‘feels smoother’ while maxizing fuel economy at the same time– you’ve come to the right place.

The MaxSpark PNP LS Ignition kit is not ONLY a performance king– it’s dead sexy in appearance too from the Billet Aluminum Brackets to the LS Wiring Harness that’s better fit, finish, and quality than the factory GM piece.  It’s function AND form in one easy to install kit.

And YES– You can use the MaxSpark PNP LS Smart Coil Ignition system on your LS Engine with the factory ECU, or with any aftermarket ECU, whether it be MS3Pro or any other system out there that allows you to configure ignition outputs, dwell, etc.


  • This is a full, plug and play solution to add incredibly strong ignition to your GM LS Engine.  There is no hotter inductive LS ignition on the market.
  • Benefits include eliminating misfire due to spark blow out, smoother idle, better throttle response, and more power.   With MaxSpark PNP you can TURN UP THE BOOST!!!  You’ve got the ignition to handle it now.
  • This ignition is hot enough for any engine modifications you have planned, from naturally aspirated or forced induction, race gas, methanol or ethanol, high compression, turbo, supercharged and nitrous.  Crank the boost on that LS; we’ve got spark covered.
  • Package includes everything you need: Dead Sexy Plug and play harnesses, Billet Mounting Brackets, IGN1A smart ignition coils, spark plug wires, and hardware.  The installation couldn’t be any easier.
  • A full, high quality installation guide is included [download].  There is no guesswork.
    • Kit plugs directly into a GM LS engine harness. Billet brackets bolt right to the valve cover, just like factory — but much hotter, in appearance and especially in function. This is a SIMPLE installation.  If you can change your own oil, you are more than qualified to install this kit.  There is no cutting, drilling, fabricating, etc.  It’s bolt on and plug and play.
  • The kit utilizes the AMPEFI IGN1A smart ignition coil packs that produce over 100mj (nearly 2X more energy than the leading competitors) per spark event.  These coils are MUCH hotter than factory LS ignition coils.  It’s not even close.
  • High quality, plug and play LS wiring harness features OE-grade connectors, techflex flame retardant loom, and TXL high temp automotive grade wire.
  • All wires are color coded.
  • Ignition Coil connectors are labeled with custom printed heatshrink to help ensure you install it right the first time.  Plug ‘Coil 1’ into coil 1, repeat for coil 2, you’re almost done….
  • Wiring harness is designed to be tucked for a professional and appealing look when installed.  But it’s so dead sexy you might not want to hide it!
  • Waterproof automotive grade relays and fuses allow for minimal voltage drop.  Both 12V power and ground connections to the coils are greatly improved over the original factory wiring.  This allows for much less voltage drop, thus much better ignition performance.
    • The ignition high current is routed though this new relay, instead of through the OE main relay, allowing these ignition coils to get full current for maximum power all the way to the spark plugs.
  • Includes Billet Aluminum Coil Brackets designed to fit LS Engine valve covers.
  • Ignition Coils are triggered by factory style sequential coil-per-plug control.
  • We did our homework to try and ensure this kit works with most LS engines possible.  We’ve only found challenges with LS9 and LSA engines that would require a different mounting approach and harness.
    • Mount our ignition coils directly to factory LS valve covers that use a bracket for the coil packs.
    • Connects to factory ignition coil connector on engine harness, making for the easiest PNP installation possible.
    • Custom Magnecor spark plug wires included.
  • You can probably install this kit in an hour.   And you WILL notice the difference.  No more spark blowout allowing you to make ALL the horsepower, more complete combustion leading to more power, better fuel economy and lower emissions.
  • Perfect for naturally aspirated engines, turbo engines, supercharged engines, mild, medium or rowdy camshafts and any other modification that can benefit from maximum ignition power.  You get the fuel and air into the cylinders, and let MaxSpark PNP LS Ignition LIGHT YOUR FIRE!


If you have been wondering what the best coil on plug conversion ignition system is for your GM LS engine, the pinnacle of LS Performance Ignition, you’ve found it.  These IGN1A Smart Coils are known far and wide as being the best available.  We’ve used them on everything from National Champion Solo cars to Drag Racing monsters and Land Speed cars breaking 300mph on the Bonneville Salt Flats, with just about any fuel you can think of.  They’re workhorses.  Properly installed, which we help you make sure of with our harness, these coils almost never fail– they’ve proven to be one of the most reliable parts on my race car.

This kit includes the IGN1A Smart Coils, Billet Brackets, plug wires, and left and right side wiring harnesses that are as close to PNP as possible– you simply plug them in where the factory harnesses were, and wire ignition switched 12V to power the new relays.

Note:  The brackets will not fit LSA, LS9 engines that have the coils bolted directly to the valve cover without a bracket. Wiring harnesses will not work with LSA, LS9 engines as the ignition coil harness and fuel injection harness are combined and use a different connector.


EPA, CARB & Emissions Disclaimer- ECU's and other upgrades are for race purposes on non emissions control vehicles only.

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