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  • AXM-100 High Voltage Tach Adapter


    Many older tachometers trigger off the negative terminal of the ignition coil.  Often, these use a filtering circuit which will not trigger when given a 0 to 12 volt square wave signal, such as the tach output signal from an ECU or ignition box. If you h...

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  • MaxSpark PNP Ignition Kit for 1990-2005 Mazda Miata


    We’ve put together the most powerful drop on, completely Plug-N-Play, ignition kit on the market for the Mazda Miata. The kit utilizes the AMP EFI IGN1A ignition coils that put out over 100mj (nearly 2X more energy than the leading competitors) per...

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  • IGN-1A Race Coil

    From: $71.00

    The IGN-1A Race Coil is a smart coil designed to provide 103 mJ per spark, with a longer spark duration (2.9 ms), exactly what is necessary for high rpm, high compression, forced induction and/or nitrous engines! Each IGN-1A Race Coil features a buil...

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